Unpaid work and CBC’s The Current

This was sent in by Wendy Watkins:

Today was nearly as frustrating as yesterday listening to letters re. the Census on the Current.  The letter opposed to the decision was short and accurate.  Good stuff.  The one supporting the decision took particular umbrage with the unpaid work section of the long form.  Had the researchers at CBC done their job they’d have found that the series of questions was as a result of political pressure and not StatCan’s idea at all.  You can see for yourself at the Gender and Work Database website and in particular in the following quote:

“In recent years, many women’s groups have struggled to have unpaid work taken more seriously in national statistical surveys.  As a result, some national statistical agencies have begun to devise guidelines for identifying and classifying various types of unpaid work.  For example, in the 1990s, there was a sustained attempt by Canadian women’s groups to challenge statisticians on the notion that markets are the sole sites of production. This push led to the inclusion of an in-depth question about the amount of time individuals spent on unpaid work in the 1996 Census.”

You can see the whole unpaid work section at: http://www.genderwork.ca/cms/displayarticle.php?sid=18&aid=56


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