A rare bit of positive news…

Or at least, less bad than it was: Library and Archives Canada has withdrawn its unpleasantly stifling code of conduct and replaced it with one that is, well, less bad. Reported by the CAUT and brought to my attention by Kimberly Silk.Good to see that public pressure can occasionally have some impact.


Axed sites not being archived

Wanted to highlight a post from the site economicjustice.ca, Axed federal advisory web sites  available on Archive.org, but not Library and Archives Canada. The vanished sites include the  First Nations Statistical Institute, National Council of Welfare, and the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy. See the economicjustice post for links and more details.

I’m quite unnerved by the increasingly ephemeral nature of what had been public government information. In the days when print information was routinely deposited in public and academic libraries, it would have been unthinkable for the government to later recall and shred those deposited items. Government document librarians would have been outraged.

Librarians, your documents are being shredded.

Edit: see also the datalibre.ca post Silencing the Archivists? Who does that? Canada does! for more on what is going on with Library and Archives Canada and why we need more outrage.